What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. What does it mean? It means that by supporting a local farmer, you are ensuring that your family will eat fresh products, in my case herbs and vegetables, that are grown right here in Alberta! A CSA creates a symbiotic relationship between Farmer and Consumer. You will actually know the face of the person who grows your food and you will also have the chance to create a closer connection with them and their practices. In doing so, you will have a better understanding of how your food is grown and in essence, a better understanding of the products that you and your family consume.


Want fresh vegetables all summer long? Sign up for a box to be delivered to you each week throughout our 12 week season. The boxes grow and change as the seasons progresses leaving you with a chance to try many varieties that are picked less than 24 hours before reaching your door! Each box is accompanied by a family recipe that will utilize the food given to you. Essentially by buying into our CSA you are buying a share of the garden and committing to the risks that can accompany within the growing season. By paying for your share ahead of time, you are helping the farmer buy crop essentials such as seeds and irrigation equipment. This helps to ensure that you will receive a high quality harvest. Farming is the backbone of Alberta and by supporting local farmers you are helping to support Alberta! 

The Veggies

Fifth Gen is committed to bringing a wide variety of spray-free and ultra-fresh produce to your table! This is a great way to eat locally grown food. Boxes are filled to the brim with 6-10 different types of veggies, herbs, and foraged berries! At the beginning of the summer, you can expect leafy vegetables, edible flowers, rhubarb, and more! As the summer turns to fall, the boxes are filled with root crops, potatoes, corn, etc. Each week will be slightly different, depending on what is in season. The varieties in the garden have been carefully selected for our Northern growing zone, but above all else, they are chosen for their great taste! 



Due to the nature of growing outdoors, crops cannot be guaranteed. However, we promise to do everything in our power to provide a bountiful harvest. 

Shown below are examples of boxes from the 2019 season.


2020 Pricing

12 week season:

Wetaskiwin and area: $375

Edmonton and surrounding area: $440*

6 week season:

Enjoy a bi-weekly share of veggies!

Wetaskiwin and area: $190

Edmonton and area: $225

Limited quantity available.

Flexible payment plans available! 

Season dates are yet to be determined, typically running from the beginning of July to mid-September. Prices may vary depending on delivery distances. 


Please contact for more information.

*Edmonton area will be offering TBD drop-spot locations, prices will not include delivery fee.


Find the delivery method that suits you!

Door to door delivery service*

Enjoy fresh veggies delivered directly to your door!

Please note, not all areas of Edmonton will have door-to-door delivery available this year.

Visit one of our partnered Drop Spots

Support two local businesses at once and pick your veggies up at your own convenience without the delivery charge!

2020 Drop Spots still being determined, if you or your business are interested in hosting please contact us. 

Office Sign Ups

Sign up as a group at your office or place of work and have your veggies delivered to you while you're at work!

Delivery fee will be waived for groups.

Delivery days will be decided closer to the season, based on location.



Are there add ons?

Yes! The exact products are still being determined for the 2020 season, the list will include but is not limited to:

-Fifth Gen Honey

-Smoked Garlic

-Black Garlic

-Garlic Pepper Grinder Blend

-Sunflower Bouquets (when in season)

-Fresh cut Gladiolus stems (when in season)


















Can I make payments?

Yes! Flexible payment plans are available in the forms of lump sum, two equal payments, or four instalments. Please contact if you would like to set up a payment plan. The total amount owed must be payed before the first delivery.

What happens if I'm away for a delivery?

If you will be away for a week during the summer, you will have the option to "skip" a week or to find a friend to share the wealth with! If you find that you won't be home for a large amount of the summer, the 6-week CSA option might be for you! (space limited, first come first serve)

Can I tour the farm?

Yes! Please contact to set up a time for a farm tour. 

Can I opt for a plastic-free version?

Yes you can! You will be responsible for supplying Fifth Gen with your own produce bags prior to the season. Please ensure that they are marked or labelled and all bags will be returned to you at the end of the CSA.

This veggie is weird - how will I know how to cook it?

Good news! Each box is accompanied with a recipe to help you utilize the ingredients given to you. Joining a CSA allows you to eat seasonally, and often times try something new! Check out the blog for recipe ideas, or drop us a line for our family favourite recipes!