Local hardneck garlic that you can feel good about eating! Grown without the use of chemicals and all planted by hand, carefully tended to throughout the summer, and hung for a minimum of 4 weeks to dry. Our garlic has immense flavour that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of dishes!

Smoked Garlic

Black Garlic

Smoked Black Garlic

Garlic Scapes

These bulbs are cold smoked for an extended period of time, allowing the flavour to really set in. Use as you would any other garlic -- pressed, sautéed, or chopped into any dish! For a more pleasurable smokey taste, roast the bulbs and serve with cheese and crackers. Perfect for your charcuterie board!

Slowly heated for nearly two weeks, which allows the sugars to naturally caramelize and results in the rich black colour that you see. Enjoy the many health benefits of raw garlic without the hot/spicy taste! Black garlic is quite sweet, almost like molasses with a mild garlic flavour. 

Try our newest product! Black garlic which is then put into the smokehouse, creating a very unique flavour. Each batch takes several weeks to make. This is a product like you've never tried before! With a smooth smokey taste, the sweet soft cloves are perfect to spread on sandwiches, meat, or cheese!

Did you know you can eat the flowering part of a garlic plant? Hardneck garlic produces 'scapes' in the spring as the plants try to flower and produce seeds. As a garlic grower, we want the plant's energy to be utilized into making large bulbs, so we pick the scapes off after they have curled twice. Scapes are mild in flavour and are a wonderful addition to salads, soups, or your favourite pickling recipes! 


Scape season is typically late June-July. 

Seed Garlic

This year, Fifth Gen is excited to have 1 acre dedicated to growing garlic! We have many different varieties in the ground already, and will be selling seed garlic in the fall after harvest!


Please check back for more information when the time comes.