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Garden Boxes

Join our community of fresh-veggie-loving people for Fifth Gen's seventh season! 

Farm fresh veggies from our farm to your table! Enjoy the benefits and flavours of local produce without having to do the work! 


Season runs for 10 weeks (July - September)

How it works...

Each week, the bountiful harvest from the garden is divided equally amongst member, giving you ample opportunities to try something new! The garden shares change as the season progresses, meaning no two weeks will be exactly the same. 

The veggies are picked, washed and delivered all within 24 hours, leaving you with the freshest produce possible! Enjoy a wide variety of spray-free vegetables and herbs, and extend your knowledge about Alberta agcrigulture in the process.

If you are unable to pick up your vegetables, or will be away for a week, you are welcome to send a friend and share the bounty, or simply skip that delivery.

2023 Season Options

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