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Garlic CSA 101

Everything you need to know about joining our Garlic CSA!

If you've been following along, you may have heard about our Garlic CSA by now. It was first launched last summer and we are now offering a winter subscription!

So what is it?

A CSA (community supported agriculture) is basically a members-only club. Farmers from every background have adapted to using this model of delivery because it creates the most unique relationship between consumer and producer. Typically, you would see CSA's consisting of farm fresh vegetables, but in this case, it is made up of three monthly boxes of our garlic products.

In a way, a CSA is a dealer's choice subscription. The farm dictates what is available, not the consumer. It is a wonderful way to not only eat locally, but also seasonally! And you will also have the added benefit of learning just how much work goes into growing your food or making the products that you enjoy.

A CSA is a community of like-minded individuals that appreciate the flavours of local food. I, as the farmer, am committed to being as transparent as possible in the way we grow so that you can better understand the quality of products given to you. You, as the consumer, trust me to deliver exciting and delicious new things to try!

So what can you expect from a garlic CSA?

Garlic, garlic and more garlic!

I want to help educate my CSA members on how garlic is grown in Alberta. In these modern day times, it is far too easy to head on down to the grocery store and pick up whatever you, no matter the season. This often means that we are purchasing imported products (or in this case garlic) that offer little to no nutritional value or flavour. What most people don't realize is that garlic is a winter crop! We work very hard to maximize it's storage capabilities by monitoring temperatures and humidity values, but at the end of the day, fresh garlic in Alberta is mostly available from September to March. By processing our garlic, whether that is by dehydrating or canning, we aim to bridge the gap and provide Alberta grown garlic as close to year-round as possible.

Our CSA members help test new products before they become accessible by the public. Last summer, we trialled our Garlic Lover's Bread Dip in the CSA and after hearing an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, we decided to add it to our line up. Fast forward a few months and it's now one of our best sellers! Having an open dialogue with our CSA members is something I appreciate so much!

Each month will have an assortment of our garlic carefully put together for you! There will be 3-4 products, made up of a variety of fresh garlic, dip mixes, black garlic, smoked garlic, or garlic scapes. You can also expect to receive recipes and tips on how to use our products! I work very hard to procure tried and true recipes, especially for our most unique types of garlic (i.e. our smoked black garlic) and I can promise that you will be very pleasantly surprised by what's coming this winter!

So what's different about the Summer vs Winter Garlic CSA?

There are two main differences between our Summer and Winter subscriptions:

  1. You can now have your box shipped directly to you!

Winter driving can be incredibly unpredictable and safety is our top priority! Instead of having to travel to the farm or to a pick up location in Edmonton, we would like to offer shipping right to your door so that you won't have to venture out in a storm! Of course, there is a still a farm pick-up option if you would prefer that.

2. A whole new line up of goodies!

There you have it folks! Everything you need to know about our Garlic CSA! I hope you'll join us and our community of garlic lovers!

If you would like join our Winter Garlic CSA, please click here to purchase your subscription.

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