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Smokey Dill Pickle Soup

Another spring snowstorm has me hunkering down in the kitchen all day again. I wasn't foolish enough to believe that we were fully done with winter, but I'll admit I wasn't quite prepared for the whiteout that we got! I originally had a long list of to-do's planned for my Sunday, but as most of them included garden work, I ended up with some very rare free time.

Top of my list today was to bake bread, which naturally prompted thoughts of soup. I was inspired to make a pot of dill pickle soup after seeing a post on instagram of a bread dip that featured our Garlic Supreme with pickles and cheese! It had never even occurred to me to try using our smoked garlic with pickles, but boy am I glad I did! I have a few jars of pickles left from last year's garden and they were perfect for this!

This recipe is one I came across many many years ago, looking to find a homemade replacement for Wetaskiwin's iconic soup (if you're ever headed there, you have to have a bowl for lunch from Hucklyberry's Cafe!). It has become one of my favourites and was made even better with the Garlic Supreme!

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